Special/Bulk Orders
- Save money when you buy in bulk! We offer discounts on bulk orders depending on the product and the total invoice amount. Minimum value to be eligible for discounts is approximately USD $2,000.

- A bulk order can be placed by anyone from anywhere in the world and will be delivered anywhere in the world.

- You may also request Vezado products which are not featured on the webstore and we can arrange to send you images and possibly samples.

- Discounts are available on total invoice value excluding shipping charges.

- Our team will work hard so that your order will arrive when and where you need it, so you don't miss important deadlines.

- Please note: Since we offer volume discounts, we cannot accept returns on bulk orders.

- Contact us at hello@vezado.com with your name, company name, email, phone number, shipping address and the products you are interested in. Once we receive your request, you will soon receive a call / email from us with product pricing and an estimated shipping time.

- Once you are registered with us as a bulk buyer, we will occasionally send you product promotion notifications if you prefer.

Vezado Special Order Terms And Conditions
- The prices quoted are FOB Mumbai, India. This means that the price does not include shipping or customs duties or any additional taxes assessed at the time that the goods are delivered to the customer.

- All shipments are sent via reputed logistic partner and cleared through customs / octroi by them.

- The customer is responsible for any additional customs duties or taxes assessed at the time that the goods are delivered to the customer.

- All orders must be paid by credit card / bank transfer.

- All orders must be pre-paid in full at the time of placing the order.

- Once the goods are ready to ship, the customer’s will be billed for the shipping charges prior to shipping.

- Vezado does not accept any returns for special orders.

- If the customer is ordering an existing vezado fabric and would like to receive a small swatch of the fabric prior to placing the order, this cost will be negotiated with the customer at the time of such agreed transaction. For other product samples, please inquire.

- Vezado will ship the order as per the estimated delivery date. If there are any unforeseen delays which change the estimated delivery date,

Vezado will update the customer with the new expected delivery date.
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